Ana Belén Castejón obtains absolute majority and continues as mayor of Cartagena

mayor ana belen castejonmayor ana belen castejon

The socialist candidate, Ana Belén Castejón , is from today, again, mayor of Cartagena , after having obtained the absolute majority of the votes of the Municipal Corporation, 15 of the 27 possible , compared to eight of José López , MC Cartagena ; two from Gonzalo Abad, from VOX, and two from Pilar Marcos , from Unidas Podemos-Izquierda Unida-Los Verdes-Equo.

The constituent assembly of the City of Cartagena  began at ten ten in the morning, with a few minutes delay.

The  most feminine corporación in the history of the municipality, which has an absolute majority of 16 women, compared to 11 men , is also the most fragmented politically, since it is made up of  six formations:  MC Cartagena (8), PP (7), PSOE (6), Ciudadanos (2), Vox (2) and Unidas Podemos-IU-Verdes-Equo (2). 

The event could be followed  live online , through the municipal news channel on Youtube . 

The plenary hall and the reception room on the first floor of the palace have been packed with relatives and guests of the elected councilors, and  political parties, and  social partners.

On the other hand, some 200 people, the general public, were accommodated in the ground floor rooms to follow the development of the inauguration, through television monitors 


The plenary session was presided over by an old table, made up of the most senior of the councilors, Manuel Padín(Citizens) and the youngest, which is again  Ricardo Segado (MC Cartagena). In the first place they have taken possession of them, by oath or promise of the Constitution. and the rest of the councilors have followed him  in alphabetical order. Gonzalo Abad Muñoz (Vox) María Amoraga Chereguini (Citizens) 
Noelia María Arroyo Hernández (PP)
María Luisa Casajús Galvache (PP)
Ana Belén Castejón Hernández (PSOE)
Isabel García García (MC Cartagena)
Aurelia García Muñoz (UPIVE)
María Pilar García Sánchez (Vox)
Jesús Giménez Gallo (MC Cartagena)
Alejandra Gutiérrez Pardo (PSOE)
José López Martínez (MC Cartagena)
María Pilar Marcos Silvestre (UPIVE)
David Martínez Noguera (PSOE)
Cristina Mora Menéndez de la Vega (PP)
Manuel Mora Quinto (PSOE)
Esperanza Nieto Martínez (PP)
Diego Ortega Madrid (PP) )
Enrique Pérez Abellán (MC Cartagena)
Cristina Pérez Carrasco (PP)
Aránzazu Pérez Sánchez (MC Cartagena)
Carlos Piñana Conesa (PP)
María Dolores Ruiz Álvarez (MC Cartagena)
María Irene Ruiz Roca (PSOE)
María Josefa Soler Martínez (MC Cartagena)
Juan Pedro Torralba Villada (PSOE)

For the election of mayor, as established in the regulations of the plenary session, the Corporation has had to pronounce previously by absolute majority if it wanted to be by secret ballot. This formula has been supported by PP, PSOE and Citizens .

After the scrutiny of the ballots deposited by calling in a box, jumped the surprise to get the socialist candidate 15 votes, those of PP; PSOE and Citizens .

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