Hospitality unions call for a regional strike on July 29 with a demonstration in La Manga

The General Union of Workers (UGT) and Commissions Works (CCOO) have called a strike in the entire sector of the regional hotel industry for next July 29 with four demonstrations in different places of the Region that day, among which they have foreseen one in La Manga del Mar Menor.

The convening unions demand that workers in the sector recover their purchasing power after eleven years of paralyzed salaries where they have only managed to increase the wage by 5.5% compared to 24% in other sectors.

Both Santiago Navarro (CCOO) and Antonio Jiménez (UGT) lament the position adopted by the employers, Hostemur and Hostecar, whom they have called “insensitive” for their refusal to approach the 1,000 euros a month and fourteen payments established as a point of departure for the negotiation of all sectoral collective agreements.

The unions have also announced their intention to launch a citizen information campaign in train stations, buses, airports and markets to explain what they consider a real “lockout” that has forced them to implement these measures of pressure in the middle of summer.

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