Last days to pay for urban, rustic and special features IBI

The City of Cartagena, through the Authority for collection management (OAGRC), has put the collection, until Monday, Aug. 5th , various municipal taxes such as the IBI Urbana nature, rustic nature and special features ( BICE) .

In total, 194,777 receipts have been issued for an amount exceeding 65.3 million euros, which is what the town council expects to collect for these concepts and which represents 32.5 percent of the revenues foreseen in the 2018 extended budget, which amounts to 199 million euros. 

Most of the receipts, in terms of their number and amount, correspond to the Tax on Real Property of Urban Nature, of which 193,859 receipts have been issued, so it is expected to obtain an income exceeding 47 million euros, after If 57 properties are exempted corresponding to goods of cultural interest and public domain, public buildings, educational and university centers, the Church and foundations, railways and armed forces , so the City Council will stop entering 1,277,022 euros ; like the 1,891 bonus receipts, mostly for large families, for which they will stop entering another 590,743 euros. 

With regard to the tax on real estate of special characteristics for which the real estate of large companies and facilitiesare taxed , 197 receipts have been issued , for which the City Council expects to enter about 18.7 million euros.

Finally, with regard to rustic properties3,665 receipts have been issued, for which it is expected to enter about 635,000 euros. 

The 40% of these receipts will be paid by direct debit, which will be sent to the entities for collection at the end of this month of June.

The rest of the receipts will be sent by mail to the domiciles of the taxpayers so that they can  pay them in offices, ATMs and tax payment services on the Internet of the collaborating entities of the City of Cartagena: such as BANKIA, Banco Sabadell, SA, Caixabank and Cajamar, and can also use the OAGRC website to access them: or by direct payment at the electronic headquarters .

For those who already want to have the receipts or do not arrive at their homes on time, there is the possibility of printing them through the option of the Virtual Office on the aforementioned OAGRC web page, either through the use of a digital certificate  or with data from last year’s receipt .

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