Last days to pay the IBI and the garbage and sewer fees of La Manga

IBI last payment date
IBI last payment date

This Wednesday, August 5th, the deadline for the voluntary payment of the receipts corresponding to the taxes of real estate of urban, rustic and special characteristics , as well as the fees for garbage collection and sewerage service of La Manga del Mar Menor corresponding to the houses.

Specifically, 193,919 receipts have been issued this year for the Urban Property Tax, for a total amount of 50,011,714.62 eurosRustic in nature, 3,641 receipts amounting to 641,512.83 euros; and of special features, 205 receipts amounting to 18,735,759.60 euros.

As for the rates for garbage collection in the houses of La Manga , there are 8,698 receipts for the amount of 1,456,045.20 euros, and sewage and treatment, the same number of receipts, with an amount of 250,763.34 euros.

It must be remembered that the Cartagena City Council collected these receipts on June 1, which can be printed, for greater convenience, from the OAGRC Electronic Office .

The payment can be done in the branches, ATMs and e – banking servicesof any of the collaborating entities.

You can also pay by Credit or Debit Card at the OAGRC Electronic Office. By means of the bank card, payment can be made, on a voluntary basis, of all the taxes collected by the OAGRC.

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