Local Police processed 165 complaints from Friday to citizens for breaching the confinement rules

The Local Police of the City of Cartagena has made during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday , a total of 165 complaints against citizens for violating the rules of confinement alarm status by the crisis of coronavirus.

The complaints have been transferred to the General Delegation of the Government in the Murci region , for the imposition of sanctions, which could range from  300 euros to 1,000 euros  .

“It is essential that citizens respect confinement as it is the only way we have to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. It is in the hands of each and every one of us to prevent the pandemic from spreading, so it is very important that we all be responsible and remain at home, “said Security Councilor Juan Pedro Torralba.

The mayor has placed special emphasis on the great work being carried out by local police officers, as well as firefighters, civil protection and the rest of the municipal services.

The 12 pairs of agents who were active during each of the days in the city controls and the six of the deputies, identified a total of 2,230 people and controlled  2,017 vehicles . In both cases the agents verified thatPeople and vehicles passed through public places for just cause.

By days:

On Friday the 20th , 59 citizens were denounced and 838 citizens and 1,100 vehicles were identified and controlled .

On Saturday the 21st , 56 people were reported and 833 people and 568 vehicles were identified and monitored .

Finally, on Sunday the 22nd, 50 complaints were processed and 559 people and 349 vehicles were identified and monitored .

Among the complaints made, one of a bakery that was serving coffees to customers stands out.

As you will remember, they areDisplacement with more than one person inside the vehicle is prohibited, except when accompanying children, the elderly, dependents who have some type of disability, or a reason that is really justified.

The penalties range from 300 euros to 1,000 euros. This is stated in Royal Decree RD 463/20 modified by the central government on Thursday, March 19.

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