Local Police will intensify control over dog walkers

Walking the dog is one of the few exceptions that allow you to go outside, but after verifying that there are still many people who do not know how to do it, the Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Pedro Torralba, has recalled the basic rules included in the Alert Status decree.

1. The walks should be short and only for the pet to relieve itself.

2. They must be accompanied by only one person and avoiding socializing with other people or animals.

3. Dogs must be kept on a leash the entire time they are away from home.

4. It is still mandatory to carry water with detergent or vinegar to clean urine and stool bags .
4. Sigue siendo obligatorio llevar agua con detergente o vinagre para limpiar la orina y bolsas para las heces.

5. Prioritize the hours of least influx of people on the street.

6. The use of gardens, public parks and other open spaces such as the countryside or the beach is prohibited .

7. When arriving home, owners should clean their pet’s paws and muzzle well , but without using irritating products such as alcohol or bleach.

” Starting today, Local Police officers will intensify control over the people who take their pets for walks. We are finding that there are citizens who walk up to two kilometers every day to walk the dog and that cannot be, “said the councilor.

Torralba recalled that, according to article 20 of the Royal Decree, the penalties for failing to comply with any of these provisions range from 100 to 30,000 euros“Pets have to go outside, but we must understand that having a dog is not a blank check to go where you want.”

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