Maintenance of the coastline resumes, with new security protocols

A total of nineteen operators of the Department of the Coast, organized into 7 work teams, have resumed this Monday, April 27, the work of cleaning and maintenance of beaches in the municipality of Cartagena, in coordination with the Autonomous Community, reported the vice mayor and head of the Mar Menor Commission, Noelia Arroyo, following the specific protocol created for it by the Litoral service according to the personal safety instructions established by the Occupational Risk Prevention service.

“The 7 work teams, made up of two or three operators, have resumed the work to prepare the sandbanks and remove the tops in the Mar Menor beaches and Mediterranean beaches in the La Manga and Cabo de Palos area, as well as maintenance of spaces and gardens, “said Arroyo, who noted that” the teams have been distributed in shifts and schedules to avoid crowds. in the workplace. ”

l team of three workers destined to the area Punta Brava with a cleaning machine works in coordination with the brigades of the Autonomous Community, in mixed teams for retirada algae in the coming weeks . Specifically, “operators of the Autonomous Community with their machinery  will take the algae out of the sea and deposit them in containers or in authorized spaces, away from the shore, where the municipal brigades will be in charge of their removal ”. It must be remembered that in some areas of the Mar Menor the presence of algae up to three meters wide off the shore has been detected.

These works will be extended to the rest of the Mar Menor beaches. In fact, the deputy mayor has said that “ the priority in the Mar Menor is the removal of the algae that have accumulated in recent weeks and decompose rapidly. For this reason, in addition to Punta Brava, two other teams with a “trajilla” machine are working on the beaches ofThe Nursery in La Manga and in the Minor Islands removing algae and covering ramblizos ” .

The rest of the teams are in charge of the work of conditioning the sandbanks on the Mediterranean beaches, as well as the supervision and maintenance of gardens and the disinfection of busier spaces in La Manga. Noelia Arroyo has emphasized that the city council can only carry out work in the dry zone. These tasks will continue throughout the week, and the progressive incorporation of more personnel is planned in the next ones.


Regarding security measures, the operators will maintain the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters, avoiding sharing vehicles and machinery that, once the day is over, will be cleaned and disinfected. If they had to share a vehicle, prevention measures will be extreme, circulating only two people, one in the driver’s seat and the other in the opposite rear seat, using both gloves and masks.

In addition, each worker has been provided with disinfectant gels and cleaning has been carried out in the workplace, where an entrance and exit have been enabled to guarantee the protection of the workers.

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