Man Caught Red handed in Los Belones

Las Piramides, Los BelonesLas Piramides, Los Belones

Cartagena Local Police officers arrested A.P.C a 26-year-old man resident in Los Belones on November 27th after he was caught by residents breaking into Glovers Bar on the high street.

According to the Police reports the same individual first forced the shutters at Bollywood Indian restaurant located in the Las Pirámides Commercial centre at the far end of the village of Los Belones, where he allegedly caused damage to the property and removed items including cash and booze from the premise. Later on the same evening the 26-year-old then allegedly went onto break into Glovers bar where he tried to steal television screens and other items.

Local residents who spotted the individual exiting Glovers bar brought this criminal spree to a halt; the residents detained him until the Police arrived.

According to the Police, A.P.C. is currently on a suspended sentence for other offences so it is expected that the punishment for these latest crimes could be custodial.

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