More dogs than airplanes in Corvera

Brit expats day outBrit expats day out

Curious and ‘curritos’ gave life to the day after the opening of the airport,
in the absence of travelers and tourist information

Daniel Vidal   DANIEL VIDAL

story taken from La Verdad

Go to the beautiful Corvera airport to move the skeleton with the mascot on a sunny January day. And even to catch a plane, if it tends. It is what some British residents in the Region of Murcia – and some in the neighboring province of Alicante – thought that yesterday they decided «to take a walk» (take a walk) for the cozy facilities inaugurated on Tuesday. One day after the lavish official premiere there would be no “four cats” on the airfield, predicted an Aena worker. And it was right. There were not four cats. In its place there were dogs. Many dogs. Many more than airplanes.

In the absence of the comings and goings of travelers, which is the blood of the veins of an airport (yesterday only had scheduled six flights, by the 16 operations of the first day), the central hours of the day were occupied mainly by groups of onlookers who were dedicated to gossip without shame in any corner accessible to unauthorized personnel. And without renouncing man’s best friend. Like the friends Sally and Barbara, from the United Kingdom but neighbors of Orihuela for two years, who yesterday kicked with delight the “modern” building while “Toby” did not stop pulling the belt, panting and happy, through all the facilities. “Beautiful!” Judged these retired women in a verdict they shared with many other curious people. “Everything very beautiful”. Like the one that comes from seeing a contemporary art museum.

While another couple of ladies (also with dogs, also British) went up and down stairs hoping to find “something new” in their visit, the marriage composed of Clive and Karen, also from the United Kingdom but in this case without a pet, scrutinized the ground floor: “We live in La Manga for six months a year. Next week we are visited by friends who land here, and we wanted to know the place, “they explain.

María José, taxi driver from Murcia, only did a race from the airport to Santiago de la Ribera all morning: 50 euros in total

They all ended up meeting yesterday at the only open cafeteria (for now) at the airport. Despite being a quiet day, very quiet, without flights from nine o’clock in the morning until after eight o’clock in the afternoon, the employees could not cope with the coffee requests of the airport staff shortly before noon. May luck accompany you with the (longed for) increase of passengers. More than a quarter of an hour to order a cut (1.50 euros), a croissant (2 euros) and a half-liter bottle of water (1.80). Worst hacks have given us the suitcase in hand, everything has to be said. There was no opportunity to ask yesterday for a ‘maxi club sandwich’ or a tuna sandwich in multigrain bread (between 4.80 and 5.50 euros), which in practice does not stop being slices of loaf bread with filling. Nor was it the day to try the gingerbread cookies (at 3.50) or the muffins – or muffins of a lifetime – (at 2.50 euros). From the ham sandwiches, better not to talk.

Empty booths

“Wrong”, an airport worker answered in the queue of the cafeteria to the question of ‘La Verdad’: How was the second day? “Completing many things that are still to be polished for the normal operation of an airport … In short!”, Settled the conversation. Many other “curritos” were busy yesterday in last minute tasks, more typical of the days prior to the inauguration of such infrastructure. Not the day after. Painters like Valentin went through the parking lot with signs of paint that were worn and practically invisible due to the passage of time. Four guys like built-in cabinets placed the first ATM, and a technician from a telephone company carried out their pertinent checks at the foot of the track.

The trickle of professional vehicles and vans was continuous in a parking lot much more disregarded than on Tuesday, although it will remain free until at least until tomorrow. It is not a detail of the operator with the first passengers. The ‘gift’ will last “until all the things are finished, the companies stop bringing materials and the relevant tests are done”, revealed one of the employees in the switchboard, still naked of furniture.

In that half-finished house, at least, an answer was obtained. There was not so much luck inside the airport. Except for the information point of the aerodrome itself, well covered by several employees of Aena, the most absolute void was the predominant tonic in the windows of, the Local Police of Murcia, Easyjet and Swissport. Ryanair’s was saved with some timid hint by some employee. Although perhaps the most shocking paradox was found in the tourist information booth, next to the arrivals door, closed to the street and without a single soul willing to count the benefits of this land. Neither in the morning, nor in the afternoon. Someone would take a few minutes, we understand, with the arrival of flights from Manchester and London. Because, paraphrasing Hydrogenesse, “There is nothing sadder than an empty tourist information point.” Not even the morning of María José, taxi driver from Murcia fishing in Corvera. «I made a 50 euro race to Santiago de la Ribera with the flight that came from Antwerp in the morning. And I have been lucky, because some comrades have returned to Murcia without being able to ‘load’. Since then I’ve been standing here for more than two hours.

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