New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of November 5th to 11th

Car Mounted Speed CheckpointCar Mounted Speed Checkpoint

Cartagena Policia Local publish a list of the locations of their mobile speed traps on the Ayuntamienta website ( No times are given, and each location could be used more than once, the aim being to encourage drivers to drive safely and within the speed limits.

The Local Police of Cartagena have informed of the speed controls that will be carried out during the week of November 5th to 11th:

  • Sebastián Feringán
  • Alameda de San Antón
  • Victor Beltrí
  • Castillo Monzón
  • José Luis Meseguer ( Canteras)
  • Peroniño (Barrio de la Concepción)
  • Avenida Víctor Beltrí
  • RM-332 (San José Obrero)
  • Vereda de San Félix
  • N-332a (Carretera de la unión)
  • San Juan Bosco (Los Dolores)
  • El Algar
  • La Palma
  • Luxemburgo (Polígono Cabezo Beaza)
  • Bruselas (Polígono Cabezo Beaza)
  • Avenida Venecia (Polígono Santa Ana)

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