Special traffic campaign to control the use of seat belts

The Local Police of Cartagena launches a Campaign of vigilance and control of the safety belts and child restraint systems (SRI) that will be carried out  from the 11th to the 17th of March in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic.

This preventive campaign aims to raise awareness among all drivers and companions that the seat belt is a basic and fundamental element of road safety and halves the risk of death in the event of an accident.

The use of approved restraint systems, safety belts and SRI has been demonstrated as the most simple, cost-effective and effective road safety system.in all kinds of roads and routes.

Not wearing a safety belt is, along with speed and driving under the influence of alcohol, one of the main risk factors on the road . Not using it is a great risk for road safety because, in a frontal impact, wearing the safety belt reduces the possibility of injury by more than 60%.

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