The City Council completes the containment measures with the closure of parks, libraries and offices and tourist centers

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The Cartagena City Council has completed the coronavirus containment measures put in place, with new ones including the closure of parks, libraries and offices and tourist centers such as those of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas and the Roman Theater.

The measures have been communicated by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón , together with the deputy mayor, Noelia Arroyo , in an online press conference.

Castejón recalled that the main objectives of the measures are to prevent the spread of the virus so that health does not collapse andprotect our elders , who are the most vulnerable groups.

For this reason, he has called for the responsibility of all the residents and has specified that ” we are facing a health alert, not a vacation, and house confinement is essential.”

To achieve these objectives, new measures have been implemented which are added to those announced yesterday such as:

  • Close to the public of the municipal libraries.
  • Tourism Offices closed to the public
  • Closing to the public of the interpretation centers and deposits of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas
  • Closing and sealing of parks and children’s games.

In addition, the President of the Community, as President of the Foundation, has been asked to close the Roman Theater to the public.


The Mayor has also indicated that a communication campaign has been launched urging ” tourists who have irresponsibly traveled to our coasts from provinces where the spread of the virus is very high, such as Madrid , to remain in their locked houses the 14 days that the health authorities recommend. ”

In this sense, the mayor has requested help and collaboration from the Government Delegation, so that this quarantine is complied with and the spread of the virus in our municipality is avoided.

The campaign is being carried out all over the coast through public address system . Units ofCivil protection of the City of Cartagena are touring both the Mar Menor area such as Isla Plana and La Azohía, playing a message in which you are encouraged to stay at home. 


The mayor has also reported on the measures that the Department of Human Resources with the Committee on Safety and Hygiene has adopted in reference to municipal staff such as all workers take their temperature before coming to work ; the suspension of the digital marking of time control, until March 31, to avoid contagions; the flexibility of services pTo reduce the number of exposed workers, and allow family reconciliation  and the establishment of work shifts by the headquarters; the gradual implementation of teleworking through the Data Processing Center; as well as those workers who have an illness that is an extreme risk factor, to report it to Human Resources to evaluate their case.



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