The City Council joins the neighborhood protests over the Mar Menor

The first deputy mayor, Juan Pedro Torralba, representing the Government team of the City of Cartagena, has joined the demonstration that was held this morning, May 1, in Murcia to demand immediate action for the regeneration of the Mar Menor and its coast. 

The protest, which has been joined by around 600 people, has counted with the participation of the president and vice president of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Cartagena and its Region, Leandro Sánchez and Francisco Rodríguez ; of the president of the Los Urrutias neighborhood association, Severo Sánchez, and of local representatives of El Carmolí, Punta Brava and Estrella de Mar, among others. 

The demonstration has left the Glorieta and has gone to the Government Delegation, passing through the main arteries of the city, until ending at the Palacio de San Esteban. 

The first deputy mayor, Juan Pedro Torralba, has reiterated the need for the Government of Spain to approve a Special Plan for the Mar Menor , as the mayor has demanded on two occasions to President Mariano Rajoy.

Torralba recalled that we have been asking for more than three years to the Demarcation of State Coasts and the Regional Government to eliminate sludge that exist on the beaches of Los Urrutias, Carmoli, Estrella de Mar, Punta Brava and Los Nietos,  this request has not been addressed so far.

On the other hand, the mayor has stressed that the local government is following to the letter the recommendations of the Scientific Committee in everything related to clean beaches. 

He also reiterated his proposal to the regional government to install spas in the area to prevent bathers having to enter the sea through the mud, which generate a bad smell.

” The Mar Menor is a fundamental axis for the creation of employment and the economic development of the Comarca. It is essential to fight for their recovery because not only is its conservation at risk, but also for all the economic activity that exists in the environment”, explained Juan Pedro Torralba.


Citizens councilors , Cartagena Sí Se Puede and Movimiento Ciudadano have also joined this protest .

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