The City Council recommends reviewing homes after DANA to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes

tiger mosquito

As a result of heavy rains throughout the Region of Murcia, specifically in the area of ​​Cartagena, water pools in residential areas and private gardens are abundant, an ideal site for mosquito proliferation. 

Therefore, from the Municipal Laboratory of the City Council of Cartagena, it is recalled, in the special case of the tiger mosquito , that these small clusters of water recently caused by DANA in the dishes of pots, gutters or buckets, are areas very prone to egg laying.

To this is also added the abandonment of summer homes. After the end of the summer period, they will remain closed until next year, where water may have accumulated inside.

It is recommended that citizens review their homes and dry out the water clusters that may have occurred to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, as well as warn of other major accumulations of water in public areas and how many incidents the citizen observes by calling 968 12 89 57 to give notice to the cleaning company by the City Council in order to carry out the relevant work.

In the case of homes, it is also advisable to cover tightly containers that cannot be emptied or Turn all those who are outdoors upside down to avoid accumulation in the coming rains, as well as keep the pools clean and properly chlorinated.

Municipal personnel assigned to mosquito control works have been reinforced, especially in the area of ​​the Mar Menor coast, such as El Carmolí, Los Urrutias, Playa Honda and Playa Paraiso, among others. In addition, continuous service continues in the rest of the Municipality, where there could still be standing water in certain areas.

The City Council is prioritizing larvicidal treatments to prevent mosquitoes from hatching and it is planned to continue with adulticide treatments in areas where abnormal levels of adult mosquito are detected.

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