The City Council thanks the Regional Government for the reinforcement of 30 extra beach cleaners

The Cartagena City Council has thanked the regional government for the reinforcement of 30 operators who, from this morning and for a period of fifteen days, will work in cleaning tasks on the Cartagena beaches of the Mar Menor thanks to an emergency contract that the Community has subscribed after the request for help made last week, according to Deputy Mayor Noelia Arroyo.

“Last Friday we asked the president of the Community for help, I asked him personally in the videoconference with the mayors, we asked for help in the extreme situation where our Mar Menor beaches were and this Wednesday we have 30 more operators working on the removal of algae “, recalled Arroyo, for whom this help will be a great relief for the City Council in a few days in which the anticipation of the bathing permit forces the brigades to concentrate on the organization of the infrastructure of the beaches and the installation of elements such as walkways, footbaths or litter bins ”.

Arroyo has visited with the general director of the Mar Menor, Miriam Pérez , the beach of Los Urrutias, where this morning the 30 troops who will be dedicated to the removal of algae and biomass have concentrated that accumulate in front of the beaches. Arroyo recalled that these works have been assumed by the Autonomous Community, despite the fact that the law establishes that operations within the water are the responsibility of the State. Likewise, the proliferation of algae “is occurring throughout the Mar Menor, but in this area the situation is much more serious due to the presence of dry, accumulations of sand in the sea that impede the movement of water, causing stagnation and they accelerate the appearance nd decomposition of the algae ”.

The deputy mayor recalled that the dry and mud should have been removed during the winter by the central administration. “On this beach I see two administrations working, but the dry ones should have been removed in winter, another year has passed and they still have not retired, ” said the deputy mayor, who insisted on the will of the Government to work together with all the administrations to give solutions to the Mar Menor ”.


During the visit, in which neighborhood representatives from Punta Brava, El Carmolí, Los Urrutias, Estrella de Mar and Los Nietos have been present, the Deputy Mayor reported that next week another 22 people will join the work, coming from an agreement with the SEF and that the city council is preparing theHiring, by emergency procedure, more personnel to reinforce cleaning, working in collaboration with the teams of the General Directorate of the Mar Menor.

The problems of accumulation of sludge led the City Council to mark eight points of access to the sea in Los Urrutias on Tuesday and during the day today, posters have begun to be installed requesting caution to bathers in those areas.

extra beach cleaners
extra beach cleaners
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