The City Council wants the CARM to paralyze the urban developments in the Mar Menor that are being processed

The mayor, Ana Belén Castejon, asked this morning to the Regional Government to allow the council to paralyze urban projects in the environment of the Mar Menor that have already achieved approval or started, during the meeting held with the Minister of Environment, Antonio Luengo, the Minister of Tourism, Cristina Sánchez, and the mayors of the Mar Menor riverbank.

“ The City Council of Cartagena does not have the power to legally paralyze them and we want to know what the Autonomous Community has arranged for these projects in the Decree Law of Integral Protection of the Mar Menor. Cartagena is the municipality that has more difficulties and we need the Community to offer us solutions. If these projects must be submitted to an Environmental report and this will be binding, it is something we want to know. The will of the City Council is that there are no more urban developments in the Mar Menor and paralyze those that are being processed, ”said Castejón.

In this same sense, the mayor has requested that the new Land Management Plan for the Mar Menor environment be completed as soon as possible. “ Five years seems like an excessive term. The Community has demonstrated in the processing of the Decree Law of Integral Protection of the Mar Menor that it can be very agile when necessary and in this case, it is necessary ” , he has specified.

With regard to agriculture, livestock and fisheries, the mayor has expressed concern about the future of these sectors. Castejón agrees to limit the intensive use of land for agriculture, but has recalled that any measure taken in this regard must be accompanied by a future plan for these professionals.

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