The Deputy Mayor asks that the Government Delegate be stopped due to lack of control in the face of the massive arrival of boats!

The absolute lack of information and coordination in the face of the massive arrival of boats by the Government delegation has caused outrage from the government team of the Cartagena City Council, whose vice mayor,  Noelia Arroyohas asked the central government to cease the delegate in the Region, José Vélez.

We have offered maximum collaboration on multiple occasions, we have asked to activate the coordination protocol that has worked so well in previous crises, and we have even offered to contribute resources. Our desire for collaboration is total, but the arrogance of the Government delegate, José Vélez, is once again evident in the face of the new wave of boats that are reaching our coasts. This crisis requires the coordination of all administrations, but they do not let us help, “ said Arroyo.

The deputy mayor recalled that the City Council has a large team of Social Services , in which there is an immigration department; as well as with infrastructures and personnel that can offer a fundamental service in the reception of undocumented foreigners.

“ In normal situations we have collaborated, such as when more than 500 immigrants arrived and we acted in coordination offering the best care. Now, with the exceptional health situation, we should work more united than ever, but the Delegation does not share the desire for collaboration that the central government so much defends. This situation is unsustainable, “said Arroyo.

In this same sense, he has indicated that what is at stake is the welfare of immigrants . “They are people fleeing from a serious situation and looking for a better future. They arrive disoriented and exhausted and require the best possible treatment. Unknown to us where they are or under what conditions, and we also do not know how many people are infected. It is unheard of. We are not going to allow the inability of Mr. Velez to dialogue to put Cartagena’s health at risk. If you do not know how to manage a crisis of this magnitude, collaborating with the rest of the administrations, you should not occupy the position that you support. What else has to happen to stop this man? 

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