The La Gola car park launches two new free recharging points for electric cars

The public parking that was enabled in La Gola de La Manga last May, has as of today two new recharging points for electric cars , which can be used simultaneously by up to four vehicles of users previously registered in the municipal website. 

The recharges are free for those users who sign up for the service, filling out a form through the municipal website. 

Each of the poles allows the simultaneous recharging of two vehicles of up to 22kW each with Schuko- type power sockets andMennekes . 

The maximum load time per vehicle and day will be 4 hours. The user who registers must be the natural person who owns the plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle. The vehicle must be of private use. 

The four seats of the car park intended for recharging can only be used for this purpose. 

It is a pilot experience coordinated by the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Mobility , led by María Casajús, Juan Pedro Torralba and Cristina Mora , to reduce pollution levels and encourage the acquisition and use of this type of vehicle.

With these two new recharging posts are already four existing in the municipality of Cartagena. The other two are located next to the Tourism Office of the Puerta de San José and next to the Cristina Esparza Youth Resource Center on the Paseo de Alfonso XIII . 

As will be recalled the new parking lot of La Gola was completed by the City of Cartagena last May within the actions of the ‘La Manga 365’ project of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI), which is co-financed by the Autonomous Community and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), by 80 percent. 

Account with33 seats , one of which is for people with reduced mobility and four for the recharging of vehicles . 

In the parking lot, 15 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the metal structure in the adjoining pumping station, which provide 3 of the 22 kw supplied by the recharging posts. 

The parking lot is located in an old disused municipal plot of 1,252 square meters , which was transformed to give a public service to the inhabitants and tourists of La Manga and has put in value this environment.

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