The Local Police of Cartagena registers more than 130 complaints for non-compliance with Covid measures during the weekend

The Local Police of Cartagena has filed a total of 131 sanctions over the weekend for non-compliance with current regulations to reduce the curve of infections by Covid-19 , which represents a slight decrease with respect to those registered during the past weekend. week, when 144 complaints were made.

Most of the sanctions are due to non-compliance with measures that citizens have been living with for months, such as the mandatory use of a mask, perimeter confinement or a curfew. This last reason (skipping the curfew, set at 10 pm) is the one with the highest number of complaints this weekend, since there have been 39 complaints.

In addition, 37 complaints have been filed for not wearing the mask , and another 30 have been filed for holding meetings in the street of people who do not live together.

Likewise, 7 penalties have been presented for driving non-cohabiting persons in vehicles without wearing a mask and 18 for breach of perimeter confinement .

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Pedro Torralba , has once again appealed to the responsibility of the people of Cartagena.“During this weekend more than 130 complaints have been filed against neighbors who did not comply with current regulations. From the City Council of Cartagena we are aware that this situation is long and difficult, but our health workers ask us to be responsible and comply with the regulations to reduce infections. Together we must do everything in our power to prevent Health from collapsing ” , asked the councilor.

In addition, during this weekend the Local Police of Cartagena installed 36 controls in which the agents supervised 684 vehicles.

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