The Local Police processes 31 complaints against citizens for breaching the confinement rules

The Local Police of the City of Cartagena has processed to date a total of 31 complaints since the entry into force of the State of Alarm for failing to comply with the confinement rules established in the decree of the Government of the Nation.

During this period, municipal agents, under the coordinated command of the Government Delegation in the Region of Murcia, have identified a total of 120 people and intercepted 55 vehicles , to proceed to their identification and verify that they were traveling on public roads. for any of the allowed reasons, such as going to work or acquiring food or sanitary products, among others.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Pedro Toralba , has indicated that “we are aware that it is very difficult to stay at home, without going out for weeks to anything other than buying food and medicine, and even more so with young children. But either we do it that way, or instead of weeks it will be months . ”

The mayor lamented that “there are people who have not yet understood the risk that we intend to avoid. No matter how young and healthy you are, there are many people in your environment who you are exposing and who may suffer very severe consequences for your irresponsibility ”.

“It is the lives of Cartagena that are at stake. The sooner we are aware, the sooner this situation will pass ”, concluded Torralba.

The complaints have been registered via the city of  Cartagena, Los Dolores, Las Seiscientas, Barriada San Ginés, La Aljorra, Pozo Estrecho and the Polígono Industrial. These are cases in which the citizens, after being warned, have ignored the agents or were particularly shocking situations.

Among them the cases of a trade in Pozo Estrecho, in which there were several people drinking beers or citizens who had left to walk or run in sportswear or others who, when asked where they came from, answered that of seeing the girlfriend or friends.

Also two cases of citizens who took advantage of the circumstance to go to sell damaged air conditioning devices to a junkyard in the Polígono Cabezo Beaza.

The complaints have been transferred to the Government Delegation, which will be the one to sanction and establish the amount of the same, which could range between 600 and 30,000 euros.

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