The Local Police will run an awareness campaign for the safety of pedestrians from 14th to 18th May

The Local Police of Cartagena has reported that, in a collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic, will run an awareness campaign from 14th to 18th May to improve the safety of pedestrians on the urban road.

Agents have explained that the main objective of the campaign is to avoid danger to pedestrians using urban roads.

The Local Police will pay special attention in informing pedestrians to ensure that their mobility is carried out safely on crossings and streets.

The agents have established a series of recommendations for pedestrians and drivers within the city:

  • Always cross at a pedestrian crossing , look both ways and wait for the vehicles to stop.
  • If the passage is regulated by a traffic light, wait for it to turn green and the vehicles stopped.
  • Do not cross talking on the phone or listening to music.
  • If an agent regulates the passage, its indications have priority.
  • ZERO Tolerance to alcohol and drugs.

They have also indicated some guidelines for pedestrians on the roads:

  • Walking on motorways and highways is prohibited .
  • On the road, to cross the road, you have to walk perpendicular to the axis of the road . Do not cross in the vicinity of curves or changes in grade.
  • Do not delay or stop on the road.
  • If you are going in a group, walk in a row and, generally, on the left.
  • Between sunset and sunrise or in meteorological or environmental conditions that reduce visibility, the pedestrian must wear a visible reflective garment at a minimum distance of 150 meters.
  • ZERO Tolerance to alcohol and drugs.

Finally, they have also highlighted some tips that drivers should follow when traveling on roads:

  • Moderation of the speed: when there are pedestrians in the part of the road that is being used or its emergence can be foreseen.
  • When going out of town to pedestrians, you must leave a lateral separation of not less than 1.50 meters.
  • The stop and parking can not put the users of the road at risk .
  • Use your indicators and signal the maneuvers that will be made.
  • Always pay attention to driving to ensure the own safety of passengers and other road users.

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