The Local Police work to reduce traffic accidents with a special road safety campaign

Road Safety checkpointRoad Safety checkpoint

The Local Police of Cartagena, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic, will carry out from the 23rd to the 27th of July a campaign of Road Safety for the control of vans, whose purpose is the reduction of traffic accidents. 

The campaign will be carried out in different points of the municipality to check the speed, the alcohol and drugs rate of the drivers, the use of the safety belt, and the verification of the technical conditions of the vehicles, in order to avoid the fatal accidents that occur in vehicles destined to the distribution and transport of goods.

The risk in the driving of vans is greater than in passenger cars, due to the load they carry and less active and passive safety equipment. In addition, the feeling of safety due to the larger size of the vehicle, the lower speed and the elevation of the cabin means that the number of distractions is greater, and the use of a smaller safety belt.

Other aspects that will be controlled are the excess weight, the technical defects of the vehicle, the safety of the transported cargo, the documentation of the vehicle and driver.

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