The fiestas at Playa Paraíso are underway

With the great opening evening, enlivened by the musical group ‘Azabache’the fiestas of Playa Paraíso will begin on Friday, August 2nd. Throughout the night, neighbors and vacationers may also participate in a family raffle organized by the Neighborhood Association .

The parties are organized by the Department of Celebrations of the City of Cartagena , in collaboration with the Association of Neighbors of Playa Paraíso .

The musical groups ‘Sótano 14’ , ‘José Carioca’ , ‘Antán Flamenco On Tour’ will entertain Saturday night. In addition, this day will be dedicated to sports, with Aquatlon and cross at sunset .

Friday, August 9th is the Day of the Member, where the gift will be delivered to the Senior Member – except those who had previously received it – in addition, there will be music and the partners and neighbors can enjoy peckinga plate of Paella and a family raffle .

The festivities, which end on Sunday 11th, will take place on Children’s Day with the distribution of chocolate and buns . In addition, there will be a family raffle and the Foam Party will be held.

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