The prevention campaign against the tiger mosquito is underway

From the Public Health and Laboratory Service of the City of Cartagena, the prevention campaign against the tiger mosquito has been launched, for which a call has been launched for citizen collaboration that allows effective control of the most common urban pests. when the heat arrives.

The tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), whose presence was detected in the municipality several years ago, is competent with the transmission to the human species of several viruses and parasites, such as denguechikungunya and Zika, among others.

This type of pest has been detected after placing 250 traps on the coastfrom Águilas to San Pedro del Pinatarcovering 6 km inlandduring the autumn of 2013 .

The company hired for the service, Rafaela Belmonte , is acting periodically performing mosquito control treatments, prioritizing the control of all public areas in the municipality, as well as public gardenssquares and parks with vegetation. In addition, they develop a larvicidal control in scuppers of the public network and in any accumulation of standing water that is in public areas .

In addition to the treatments of adulticides and ecological larvicides carried out by the concessionary company of the service, also, door-to-door visits are carried out to advise and inform the citizens who so desire , in addition, of mail-order.

The City of Cartagena is attached to an entomological network managed by the Ministry of Health that will serve to know the populations of tiger mosquito in the municipality. In this program the placement of 36 ovitraps throughout the municipality to detect the presence of this insect and intensify the treatments and mailing in areas with greater presence.

The problem of the proliferation of mosquitoes can not be controlled without the collaboration of the population of the municipalityMunicipal action can only be done in public areas, so that the accumulation of water in private homes continues to create an ideal habitat for mosquito breeding .

For this reason and due to heavy rains in our municipality in recent weeks, the City of Cartagena recommends:

  • Eliminate any accumulation of water from homes, especially in summer vacations.
  • Review dishes from pots, sinks, fountains, ponds, and pools. In case they have enough water, it is sufficient to chlorinate periodically, but if the amount is small, they should be dried or eliminated. All these foci described develop mosquito larvae, which generate a problem for the entire neighborhood.
  • Store toys.
  • Flip containers that are not used.
  • Continuously change the water of the pet and the pots.
  • Close all the containers that are outside and the garbage bags well.

Also, they advise to make a trap for mosquitoes, since they choose their victims for the carbon dioxide they emit when they breathe. Hence, the trap is a good tool, since inside this type of colorless gas is produced .

To make the trap, interested citizens should follow the following steps:

  • Cut a plastic bottle in half.
  • Mix water and sugar.
  • Pour the mixture inside the bottle.
  • Add yeast to the content.
  • Insert the upper part of the bottle in its lower part.
  • Wrap the container with a black cloth.
  • Wait for carbon dioxide to occur and attract mosquitoes

With respect to this species of mosquito, from the City Council  we want to sensitize citizens with the prevention of breeding foci, since any accumulation of water however small it may be in their homes, can become a focus of development of larvae of the tiger mosquito.

In addition to the tiger mosquito, the City of Cartagena is conducting a campaign about bird populations, in this case, in the control of seagulls .

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