The unions organise protests in the hotel sector conflict

About 150 people, convened by CC OO and UGT, march by Cabo de Palos and La Manga to demand salary improvements in the agreement


Some 150 people demonstrated yesterday in Cabo de Palos and La Manga, convened by UGT and CC OO, to demand a collective bargaining agreement in the hospitality sector with wage increases of over 10%, which allows workers to recover lost purchasing power during the last ten years. They also claimed the maintenance of the current supplement for transitory disability.

With the march yesterday, the unions continue with their program of mobilizations, which is expected to raise the tone of the protests until the strike set for the end of July, in case the blockade continues in the negotiation of the new agreement.

The demonstration started at the Las Dunas shopping center in Cabo de Palos, where the traditional Sunday market was held. Those summoned left by the road of La Manga, sense of entry, and walked the path that separated them to the hotel Entremares between slogans such as “Convention yes, misery no” and “Hospitality: decent agreement now.”

In the head, were the regional secretaries of UGT, Antonio Jiménez, and CC OO, Santiago Navarro. The first claimed a change in the “degrading conditions that currently exist, with a loss of purchasing power of 15% in the last decade, by others worthy of quality employment”. The second indicated that the complement of temporary disability is important because, in a sector that has a lot of occupational accidents, compensates the employee “during the entire time of sick leave. It is an important complement in a sector in which workloads greatly influence absenteeism, and can not be eliminated, “Navarro added.

Of this agreement depend in the Region of Murcia 35,000 direct jobs and 12,000 indirect. According to UGT, the proposal for salary improvement for the agreement until 2021 of the unions is 4.5% per year, while the employer offers 1.8%, “although the corporate profits have exceeded those that were before of the crisis »..

The unions have announced that next July 19 they plan to hold another protest in Cartagena, in front of the Regional Assembly, and on July 25 in Murcia, in the Plaza de las Flores.


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