TICK TOCK: Clocks go BACK this weekend – and why it could be for the last time in Spain

Clocks go back this weekendClocks go back this weekend

The annual practice, which the whole of Europe has been following since 1981, could be coming to an end following a European Commission review.

Earlier this year the commission proposed abolishing putting clocks forward and back throughout the EU saying it would like the last change to take place in March 2019, although individual member states could make one final change in October.

But such a move first needs approval by national governments and the EU parliament and that hasn’t happened yet.

The situation is complicated in Spain anyway – geographically the country should be on the same time zone as the United Kingdom and neighbour Portugal.

But during World War II Spain and some other European countries moved the clock forward seemingly as a show of loyalty to Hitler but they never reverted back

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